Engine nozzle DN0PDN122,105007-1223 for ZEXEL - China, Fujian, Putian

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Engine nozzle DN0PDN122,105007-1223 for ZEXEL
Engine nozzle DN0PDN122,105007-1223 for ZEXEL

As the specialist in the diesel injection parts, China Balin Parts Plant mainly produce head rotor, injector nozzle, diesel plunger, repair kits, Gasket kits, deliver valve, cam disk, feed pump, Drive Shaft, and so on.

Being in the business line for years, we have already gained an accolade from a long list of clients in worldwide. And our intensive knowledge in our domain also helps us to be ahead in the domains.

For more details, please contact Vivian,

Company E-mail: vivian@china-balin.com

SKYPE: vivian.vivian50

TEL: 86-594-2650550

CELL: +8613799690614

FAX: 86-594-2660550

WEB: www.china-balin.com

WEB: www.balin-group.com

Some of the products as below:

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1030 DN4PDN103

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1040 DN0PDN104

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1050 DN0PDN105

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1060 DN0PDN106

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1080 DN0PDN108

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1090 DN0PDN109

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1100 DN0PDN110

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1130 DN0PDN113

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1140 DN0PDN114

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1170 DN4PDN117

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1180 DN4PD1

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1210 DN0PDN121

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1223 DN0PDN122

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1240 DN0PDN124

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1250 DN0PD55

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1260 DN4PD57

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1271 DN0PDN127

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1280 DN0PDN128

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1290 DN10PDN129

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1300 DN10PDN130

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1310 DN0PDN131

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1330 DN0PDN133

Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1350 DN10PDN135


Category: Vehicles, Car Parts
China, Fujian, Putian
Posted by: vivianlinsh 18 Days ago
Contact: 86-0594-2650550 Email This Person - See Profile
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