Diesel injector plunger A503 243 - China, Fujian, Putian

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Diesel injector plunger A503 243
Diesel injector plunger A503 243

High quality Plunger and Elements, In CHINA BALIN

As the specialist in the diesel injection parts, China Balin Parts Plant mainly produce head rotor, injector nozzle, diesel plunger, repair kits, Gasket kits, deliver valve, cam disk, feed pump, Drive Shaft, and so on.

If you have any interested in our products or have any inquiry,

please contact us.

Company E-mail: vivian@china-balin.com

SKYPE: vivian.vivian50

TEL: 86-594-2650550

CELL: +8613799690614

FAX: 86-594-2660550

WEB: www.china-balin.com

WEB: www.balin-group.com

Some of the products are as below:

plunger A7L

plunger B41

plunger B52

plunger B62

plunger "A503666

512506-63" B63

plunger 512506-72 B71

plunger 502/250

plunger 502/261

plunger A503 240 503 240

plunger "A503 243

512505-74" 503 243

plunger A73K


plunger "A503 673

512506-53" 503 673

plunger A503 674 503 674

plunger A503 675 503 675

plunger 85923 512505-65

plunger 15.10.04

plunger 18.10.06

plunger 28.08.06

plunger 86204

plunger A501863

plunger A30

plunger A64D

plunger 501863

plunger 61A


plunger ys90305A

Category: Vehicles, Car Parts
China, Fujian, Putian
Posted by: vivianlinsh 14 Days ago
Contact: 86-0594-2650550 Email This Person - See Profile
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